Ag Science




Program Description


Ag-Science is a two-year program designed for students to develop fundamental knowledge and explore opportunities within the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Pathway.  Students will study a variety of systems including: Animal, Plant, Natural Resources, Agriculture Business, and Food.   Students will have the opportunity to grow and harvest plants in the on-site hydroponic green house, study urban gardening and partner with organizations in Battle Creek doing urban gardening, raise small animals, and participate in the National FFA Organization.  Besides a lot of hands-on activities; academics, leadership, work-based learning, and career planning will all be included in this program.  Students will travel to local environmental and agricultural industries. Upon completion of the first year, students will have gained a basic awareness of the agricultural and environmental sciences. Second year students will continue with first year study but will also work independently within specific areas of interest. 


Kate Sollman


Phone: 269-968-2271, ext. 5214