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Automotive Service Technology Content Area

Content Area:

• Basic Vehicle Service and Repair Skills

• Brakes

• Steering and Suspension Repair Skills

• Engine Performance

• Electrical and Electronic System Repair Skills


Online Options:

1. Contact your sending school counselor to gain permission to take a portion of this class online

2. Have permission from your parent and/or guardian to take a portion of this class online

3. Must attend initial orientation week at the Center at the beginning of the school year

4. Must physically attend the Center a minimum of two days per week, Tuesday and Thursday, with the understanding that additional Center attendance may be required depending course progress.

Helpful Skills:

Students who think they would like to work on cars for a career, solve problems, take pride in their work, work with their hands and their brain, communicate with others, and make money, will find Automotive Service Technology to be a career choice they will enjoy! Related proficiency in high school classes and willingness to further engage in reading, math, and science are recommended. Related classes such as electronics, computers, and shop are an added plus. A positive attitude is a must concerning academic and technical learning, and application of skills are required for student success. 




Tom Lowe, Instructor - BA Automotive Technology, ASE Certified, Vocational Teacher Certification.




ext. 5209



Sam Turner, Instructional Support Staff - BA Vocational Education and MA Occupational Education.




ext. 5223