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Description of program:


Automotive Service Technology is a two-year, four semester course offering training in the areas of brakes, steering and suspension, electricity/electronics, and elements of engine repair and performance. The automotive technical tasks learned in this course are transferable to: Automotive, Aeronautical, Military, and Engineering service fields. The courses are constructed to meet the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) standards for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification. 1




The courses are constructed to allow first and second year

students to be accommodated together in different course work each year. Second year students are given the opportunity to test out of the basic vehicle service and repair skills area and perform laboratory work, facility or trainer preparation, vehicle maintenance, and customer repairs.

The course lecture/discussion/demonstrations will be followed by applied laboratory experiences that can be done through projects, simulators, as well as on the school's vehicles. There is also a hybrid online option for select students. Online students will complete coursework, via computer, at home or at their sending school and physically attend the center two or three days a week to perform the hands on tasks. Students interested in taking the online option should specify this to their home school counselor and will need to obtain written parent or guardian permission. The students will work in groups as well as individually, throughout the course


 with the aid of a Computer Information System. Special projects of interest to the student may be approved by the instructor if their progress on the course work is sufficient.


There is no cost to attend the


program and the tools and equipment are supplied. Students should contact their sending school


counselors if they are interested in attending the program. Parents and students are invited to visit the program and may contact the instructor to make arrangements.




Tom Lowe, Instructor - BA Automotive Technology, ASE Certified, Vocational Teacher Certification.


Phone: 269-968-2271

ext. 5209


Sam Turner, Instructional Support Staff - BA Vocational Education and MA Occupational Education.


Phone:  269-968-2271

ext. 5223


Travis Andrews , Instructional Support Staff


Phone:  269-968-2271

ext. 5227