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Law Enforcement/Criminal Behaviors focuses on the major areas of criminal law and procedures and criminal behavior. Law Enforcement students explore and prepare for careers in criminal justice, corrections, and related fields. Major areas of study include: Police investigation, criminal psychology, crime scene investigation (CSI), corrections, legal issues, security, human relations, police operations, and administration. Criminal Behavior students will explore the minds of the criminal, what motivates them and the methods behind their actions. Criminal Behaviors will take the student from the elementary level of criminal psychology into the minds of some of the most notorious criminals. Students are given the opportunity to solve some of the most bizarre crimes. This is an application process program. Students may attend one or two years. Neither year is a prerequisite for the other.


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Deirdre Ford


Retired Prosecutor.

Phone: 269-968-2271

ext. 5222


Martin Brown, Instructor


Phone:  269-968-2271

ext. 5219