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Description of program:

Students explore and develop skills in all aspects of the graphics industry, from design to completion of printed media in this two-year class. Students use professional graphic software programs to design media, such as brochures, posters, and other printed messages. Students also learn skills in the production printing stages of pre-printing, printing, and finishing. Successful students will be prepared to enter careers in most areas of the Graphic Communications Technology field as well as obtain advanced placement in related college programs.




Second Year Program:

A second year program is available to students who successfully complete the first year program. This includes earning a "C" or better, a good attendance record, and teacher recommendations.





Heidi LaGrow, Instructor - Graphic Communications Information Technology, MA - Western Michigan Universtiy, Career Technical Education; A.A.S.; B.S.


Phone:  269-968-2271

ext. 5235



William Wilson, Instructor - Ferris State University, MA - Western Michigan University, State of Michigan Teacher Certification, and Vocational Certification; A.A.S.; B.S.


Phone:  269-968-2271

ext. 5250