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Students use the latest tools and service equipment to gain hands on experience with large diesel and gasoline powered equipment. They are trained in servicing techniques and learn the importance of good work habits while repairing recreational, lawn and garden, agricultural, and construction equipment. They may also get experience in preventive maintenance and service procedures on large vehicles and trucks. Students will develop teamwork and problem solving skills used in the service trades. Second year students will work on completing more project-oriented tasks in desired areas of specialization as indicated on their individualized career action plan. Successful students may go out and further their skills by working for area employers on approved work experience, co-op, or apprenticeship training programs. Students receiving a B grade or better earn completion certificates based on completion of the requirements on their individualized action plans.





Jason Kubasiak - Instructor

ASE Certified (Master Automobile, Master Heavy Truck, Master School Bus, Master Engine Machinist, Auto Body Specialist); Annual Authorization Teacher Certificate


Phone: 269-968-2271

ext. 5266


Matt Reincke, Instructional Support Staff - Auto-Diesel Certificate (University of Northwestern Ohio), ASE Certified, MACS Refrigerant Certified, and State of Michigan Automotive Certified.


Phone: 269-968-2271

ext. 5265