2015-2016 Career Development Committee (CDC) and Educational Development Plan (EDP) Members


cdc members 

The  CDC is a sub-committee of the Education Advisory Committee (EAG).  It is comprised of approximately 40 Barry, Branch and Calhoun  principals, counselors, career coordinators, educators, and business representatives.  This committee meets six times during the school year to receive state-wide education and career development updates, make decisions on the regional education focus and report their recommendations to the Workforce Development Board.



Delton Kellogg

Jim Hogoboom, H.S. Counselor



Jason Burghardt 



Branch ISD

Jennifer Searls, EDP Coordinator 


Branch Area Careers Center (BACC)

Mike Hoffner, Director and CDC Chair

Linda Beemer, Counselor

Josie Smith, Counselor



Wes McCrea, Principal

Alanna Denton, Counselor 



Jessica Krzyzanski, Coldwater H.S. 

Carolyn Youssef, H.S. Counselor



Kevin Paradine, H.S. Principal

Kristina Sutton, Quincy El.



Calhoun ISD (CISD)

Calhoun Area Career Center (CACC)

Kris Jenkins, CISD Career Dev. Cons./CACC Director

Tony Warren, CISD EDP/Artic. Coord./Couns. Cons., CACC

Amy Maurer, Perkins/Special Populations Coord., CACC

Jamie Hess, Counselor, CACC

Terri Tchorzynski, Counselor, CACC 

Brita Blue, Administrative Assistant, CISD


Calhoun ISD/Special Ed.

Joann Joy, TST

Kristi Rigelman, TST 

Jamie Rogers, TST 





Lloyd Service, H.S. Counselor


Battle Creek

Laura Baker, Battle Creek Public Schools

Andrew Clausen, BC Central H.S. Counselor

Whitni Townes, BC Central H.S. Counselor

April Jones, Springfield M.S. 


Battle Creek Area Catholic Schools

John Burrill, St. Philip Catholic H.S.

Kyra Rabbitt, St. Philip Catholic H.S. 




Harper Creek

Stacey DeMoss, H.S. Counselor

Karen Kreis, H.S. Counselor 

Matt Barton, M.S. Counselor

April Hansen, M.S. 



JoEllen O'Keefee, H.S. Counselor


Kellogg Community College



Lukas Pederson, H.S. Counselor

Debra Miller, M.S. Counselor

Mark Switzer, M.S. Counselor 


Lakeview-Calhoun Community H.S.

Katie Eder, Counselor



Andy McCormack, H.S. Counselor 

Kim Robson, H.S. Counselor

Gerald Simpson, H.S. Counselor 

Kathy Doud, Calhoun Eastern Early College

Claire Banfield, M.S.  Counselor



Amanda Rybicki, H.S. Counselor 

Keith Schadler, Technology 



Lisa Bailey, H.S. Counselor

Connie Carroll, M.S. Counselor


Starr Commonwealth

James Sherman 



Kathleen Steinbock, Career Development


Union City

Doreen Counterman, H.S. Counselor

Stacy Guertler, M.S. Counselor










Meeting Dates:

  2015-2016 Meeting Dates