Educational Development Plan (EDP)


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An educational development plan documents an ongoing process in which a learner identifies both career goals and a plan of action to achieve them.


EDPs must be developed for all 7th grade students and reviewed annually.  This state requirement became effective in 2006-07 and is on-going.


EDP development must include parent, counselor and principal or designee's signature.


All modifications to the student's personal curriculum plan must be supported by their EDP.




What Is Articulation? 

Articulation is the process where students may earn community college credits for certain courses they take in high school or at technology/career centers.  

  • The process of inter-relating coursework between the two schools
  • Many colleges give credit for competencies achieved at a technology center or high school if they are the same as an entry-level college class
  • It helps in a "seamless transition" between high school and college
  • Credit is given to the student when they enroll in the post-secondary institution
  • No cost to the student


Benefits For Students: 

  • Saves money on tuition, fees and books
  • Accelerates progress
  • Reduces duplication of instruction
  • Earns college credit
  • Motivates students to continue their education


Who Is Eligible? 

  • Students who attend a class or program that has an established articulation agreement
  • The student must successfully complete the program with a "B" or better average
  • The student must be recommended by his/her program instructor



Tony Warren

Regional EDP Coordinator

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