Differentiated Instruction


The focus of this three-day series is to help educators put differentiated instruction theory into practice in order to maximize learning for ALL students. 

  1. During the first session, participants will learn the definition and essentials of differentiated instruction and discover effective ways to assess students to better address their learning needs.
  2. During the second session, participants will learn a variety of low-preparation, high-impact strategies, materials and activities to help meet the needs of a wide range of learners, explore specific ways to manage the differentiated classroom and small groups, and engage in action-planning to begin the journey into differentiated instruction.
  3. During the third session, participants will learn the definitions of "tiering" and "curriculum compacting" and steps for implementing each in the classroom.  Additionally, stratgies for managing differentiated instruction including flexible grouping will be explored.

From Our Workshops:


Differentiated Instruction:  Overview and Assessment

Session 1 Introduction


Session 1 Assessment


Differentiated Instruction:   High Impact, Low-Prep Strategies, Materials and Activities

DI Session 2




      *A Planning Guide for Integrating UbD and DI

      *Cube Template (Blank)

      *Cube Template (Bloom's)

      *DI Concept Map

      *Guide for Planning

      *Marzano Strategies

      *DI Lesson Plan Template


Math Activity:

            - Assessment

            - Hexagon EL

            - Hexagon MS

            - Hexagon HS


      *Strategy List

      *Teacher Choices


Differentiated Content:   Tiering, Curriculum Compacting and Flexible Grouping

DI Session 3

PowerPoint:  Differentiated Content



    *The Tuning Protocol

    *Planning Tiered Activities


            - Compacting Contract

            - Compactor

            - Individual Education Programming Guide

            - Individual Education Programming Guide (Sample)

            - Math Compacting Contract Example

            - Planner for Compacted Student

            - Steps for Curriculum Compacting

            - Student Progress Log

            - Working Conditions