Standards-Driven IEPs


The focus of this five session series is to help K-8 educators develop, implement and monitor standards-driven IEPs. 


During the first and second sessions, participants will develop an understanding of the relationship among accountability, standards-based curriculum, and students' IEPs in Michigan and examine the process of developing standards-driven IEPs that are in compliance with federal, state and county requirements.


During the third and fourth sessions, participants will learn about the essential components in implementing a standards-driven IEP and ways to design instruction to support students in standards-based classrooms.


During the fifth session, participants will develop an understanding of the ways in which data collection is essential to the IEP process and establish a repertoire of data/assessment tools for use in monitoring progress toward grade level standards.


Developing Standards-Driven IEPs 

Session 1

- MDE-GLCE ELA Across the Grades Documents v.12.05

- MDE - K-8 GLCE Mathematics Across the Grades 

     Documents v.12.05

- Health Education GLCEs for Goals

- PLAAFP, AG, STIO Activity Key

- Article from Teaching Exceptional Children - "Aligning

     Assessment & Instruction with State Standards for

     Children With Significant Disabilities"


Session 2

- Sample Student Profile Form

- Student Strength & Need Prep Sheet

- Supplemental Aids and Services Defined

- Adaptations - Levels  and Descriptions

- Supplemental Aids and Services: Decision-Making and


- Types of Adaptations

- Supplementary Aids and Services Available in Focus


- LRE Sample Procedure 1a

- LRE Sample Procedure 1b

- LRE Sample Procedure 2


Implementing Standards-Driven IEPs

Session 1

- Pre-assessment


Summary Sheets:

    *Student Profile

    *Student Information Sheet

    *Student Summary

    *Student Summary Information

    *Teacher Information Sheet


- Types of Collaboration

- Team Learning

- Study Groups

- Reciprocal Teaching Strategies


SAS Guidelines and Templates:

    *SAS Guidelines

    *SAS Elementary (description)

    *SAS Elementary (sample)

    *SAS Elementary (template)

    *SAS Secondary 1

    *SAS Secondary 2 (Zangle)


- Responsibilities of IEP Team Members

- Special Education and General Education Teacher Roles

- Teaching and Learning Cycle

- Teaching and Learning Cycle, SAS

- Scheduling and Coordinating Services

- Scheduling Services for SWI


Scheduling Spreadsheets:

    *Scheduling 07-08 (sample El)   

    *Scheduling 07-08 (sample MS)

    *Scheduling 07-08 (sample HS)


Sample Teacher Schedules:

    *Schedule Sample 1 (elementary)   

    *Schedule Sample 2 (elementary)   

    *Schedule Sample 3 (elementary)

    *Schedule Sample (secondary)      


Session 2 

- Diner Menu

- Lesson Plan Template

- Make Effective Use of Scaffolding

- OCR Guidance on Report Cards/Transcripts for students with IEPs



- Ohio Standards /Lesson Plan/Assessment Website


Data Collection and Monitoring Standards-Driven


Data Collection Tools:

    - ABC Log

    - Daily Class Periods Only

    - Daily Classes and Transitions

    - Daily Entire Class On and Off Task

Excel Data Collection Sheets:

          *Excel Worksheets Directions


          *Frequency (Sample)

          *Grade Level

          *Grade Level (Sample)





    - Weekly Goals

    - Weekly Tracking - Uses Stars


- Data Director and MI-Tracker Information

- Functional Analysis Direct Observation Summary Form

- Functional Analysis Direct Observation Summary (Form Fill)



DIBELS Website

Intervention Central Website

MI-Map on MDE Website