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Improving the quality of high school education is an urgent challenge that can only be solved by working together… Getting every child to graduate high school with a meaningful diploma in their hands is one of the biggest challenges our country faces.


  • Today only 68 out of 100 entering ninth grade will graduate from high school on schedule.


  • Fewer than 20 will graduate on time from college. Meanwhile, 80% of the fastest-growing jobs will require some postsecondary education.


Calhoun ISD and local district teams are addressing the following goals:

  • To evaluate current practices against their effectiveness in creating conditions for student success within schools.
  • To examine what a successful student needs to know in order to master MMC (Michigan Merit Curriculum).
  • To question the role of formative and summative assessment, grading, homework, etc.
  • To examine the characteristics of a classroom that implements these practices.
  • To understand the latest information relating to high school redesign.
  • To support teams in their work during PD sessions and in their own districts.


The Calhoun ISD has compiled and provided information in the following areas:

             Resources for MMC and PC




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Mary Gehrig

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Educational Consultants:

Joe Liberato

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Tony Warren

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MMC Legislation




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