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Michigan Merit Curriculum and Personal Curriculum


Michigan Merit Curriculum

In January 2007, the Michigan legislature passed two laws related to new high school graduation requirements for students in public high schools.  These new requirements are called the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC).  The MMC contains more rigorous standards for graduation with a high school diploma.  The MMC must be followed beginning with students who were in the 9th grade in the fall of 2007.

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Educational Development Plan

An Educational Development Plan (EDP) provides ongoing documentation of an individual's career and educational decisions and a plan of action that guides the learner in accomplishing these goals.  Normally considered as early as the 7th grade, and completed no later than the 8th grade, the EDP helps the student prepare for decisions and choices in their high school course of study.

EDP Information Booklet

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Personal Curriculum

We hope that the new MMC requirements will improve the quality of education for ALL Michigan public high school students.  We are also aware that some students have special talents and interests that warrant additions to the curriculum.  Other students may have disabilities that require some accomodations to keep the MMC meaningful and fair.  If you believe your son or daughter needs a Personal Curriculum, you must make a request for consideration of a PC; a team is then formed to determine what curriculum changes are appropriate.

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