Calhoun ISD provides member districts with mathematics professional development to meet our district math needs based on their achievement data.


We also provide assistance in developing a coherent curriculum including resource selection.


The following initiatives are currently underway at Calhoun ISD:


Connected Math Project (CMP500)

These workshops are designed to provide support for teachers using CMP. 

The goals are as follows:

  • Develop an understanding of the CMP instructional model
  • Link content through the grades 
  • Evaluate student understanding


Session Materials:

CMP Bike Project


The following resources are available:


The following documents describe the correlation between CMP and GLCEs.

6th Grade Unit Summary           

6th Grade Expectations to CMP units           

7th Grade Unit Summary           

7th Grade Expectations to CMP units           

8th Grade Unit Summary           

8th Grade Expectations to CMP units


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