Safe and Drug Free Schools/Coordinated School Health


The CISD Safe and Drug Free Schools/Coordinated School Health Division of the Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment (DCIA) offers high-quality health education programs that serve over 39 school districts and their constituents in five counties including Barry, Branch, Calhoun, Kalamazoo, and St. Joseph.


Health education and youth development programs are more critical than ever. Research continues to report that students' academic success is closely linked to their healthy development. The programs provided through the Safe and Drug Free Schools and Coordinated School Health Division serve local schools by helping districts maximize their resources.


Since most of today's student health risks are closely related to six preventable behaviors including tobacco use, poor eating habits, abuse of alcohol and other drugs, behaviors that result in intentional and unintentional injury, physical inactivity, and sexual behaviors that result in unintended pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections, the focus of the division is to provide quality programs, services, and technical support to school districts in order to help students, families, and communities develop positive health-enhancing attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.


The Safe and Drug Free Schools/Coordinated School Health Division of DCIA takes a proactive and preventative approach to helping schools deal with these issues by providing the information, trainings, positive strategies, and the technical support needed to develop healthy lifestyles. The programs are funded by federal and state grants.




Angela Blood, Coordinator

(269) 789-2413

fax: (269) 781-8792


Travis Winchell

SPLASH Liaison

(269) 789-2459


Lisa Middleton

Nutrition Educator

(269) 789-2416 


Taylor Dreps

Nutrition Educator

(269) 789-2405


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