Continous Improvement for Schools & Districts


Each year, schools and districts review policies and practices to consider ways to improve and enhance student achievement. This process, commonly referred to as the continous improvement process, is deeply embedded in building, district and state planning and accountability systems, and has become an integral and necessary part of school and system reform. While this type of planning has existed for many years, recent state and federal mandates including annual testing directives and increased accountability have intensified the importance of this process and its outcomes.


The Michigan Continous Improvement Process is:


  • A Mindset:  A way of thinking, resulting in decisions being made with student achievement in mind.
  • A Process:  Implementation of instructional strategies with fidelity and consistency over time.
  • A Product:  The plan that guides the teaching process on a daily basis.


This site will help all stakeholders involved in their school or district's continous inprovement process locate the necessary, policies, templates, deadlines, and tools. 


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MI Continuous School Improvement Training Modules  


ASSIST Newsletters:   

January 2014

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ASSIST User Guide:

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General School Improvement Information: 

Academic Goal 6-12-13


District Improvement Reporting Componenets 2014


MI CSI Process


Organizational Goal Definitions 6-6-13


School Improvement Reporting  Components 10-1-13


Michigan School Improvement Frameworks: 

Current Michigan School Improvement Framework  


Proposed District Improvement Framework sent to SBE


Proposed School Improvement Framework sent to SBE


Proposed District Improvement Framework Overview 9-12-13


Proposed School Improvement Framework Overview 3/4/14




State and Federal Programs: 

2014 SW Diagnostic Cross Walk with 2013


OFS District Monthly Activity Organizer


Title 1 Diagnostic Glossary for ASSIST


Title 1 Schoolwide Diagnostic


Title 1 Schoolwide Diagnostic with comments


Title 1 Targeted Assistance Diagnostic


Title 1 Targeted Assistance Diagnostic with comments 







For information regarding Michigan Continuous Improvemen Process, Facilitatied School Improvement Planning, District Iimprovement Planning and State and Federal Programs, contact:

 Beth Brophy

(269) 789-2456


Carrie Johnson

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Joe Liberato

(269) 789-2434


For information regarding Accountability, Data Analysis,, and Data Director, contact:

Mitch Fowler

(269) 789-2449


For information regarding CIMS - Continuous Improvement Monitoring System, contact:

Tim Voskuil

(269) 789-2455