The purpose of this page is to provide you current information about enacted Legal Requirements, updated MDE Guidance or Policy, or important pending legislation. 


2013 and 2014 Public Acts  impacting education. 


Michigan Merit Curriculum Requirements:

Link to Legislation PA 208 and 209 of 2014 (HB 4465-66)

Link to Analysis with noted changes.


Teacher and Administrator Certification Requirements:

Teacher / Administrator Certification Summary

MDE Teacher / Administrator Certification Guidance


Section 25e Pupil FTE Transfer Process


Section 21f On-Line Learning Guidance:

Sec. 21f On-Line Learning FAQ  

Sec. 21f On-Line Learning Toolkit


Homeless Educational Opportunities:

MDE Guidance

Summary - Educational Opportunities


Kindergarten Enrollment Requirements


FERPA Guidance  

Childrens Internet Protection Act (CIPA) 

Child Onliine Protection Act (COPA) 


Enrollment and Attendance Resources


Compulsory Attendance:

Michigan Compiled Laws 380.1561 et al

USEDd / Justice Guidance

MDE Truancy Policy

Calhoun County School to Justice Partnership


Pending Legislation:


State Aid Summary


Early Warning Legislation


Retirement Reform - 2014


SB907 - Critical Shortage, Substitite Teacher and Instructional Coach Sunset Extention Impact  


Performance Evaluation System  - HB 5223-24