Beginning in 2014-15, Calhoun ISD will provide fee-based Legislative Services for Client ISDs and their constituent school districts.  We will be providing several different tiers of service in order to best meet our clients specific needs.  The brochure below provides some basic information; if you have additional questions please let us know.


Tier I Services = $550


  • Compiled comprehensive monthly summary
  • Bi-weekly update via email
  • Phone access to Legislative Liaison



Tier II Services = $2,750


  •  All Tier I Services
  • Side-by-Side Analysis
  • Impact Statements
  • Implementation Plans
  • Newsletters
Tier III Services = $500 plus per diem, expenses
  • Customized services designed by Client
  • Such as: seeking a specific amendment, introduction and monitoring legislation, monitoring and reporting on specific issue, facilitation with a state agency



For additional information or samples of some of these products please contact:


Rebecca Rocho

269.789.2475 or

269.420.0608 (cell)



Terance Lunger