Required Documentation for Count Day (October 5-2016 & February 8-2017)






Alternative Ed

Special Ed

Early Child


Required Count Day Absence Forms (Population II)







Required Pupil Accounting Forms - Non-traditional Category (Population III)


Cooperative Education Pupils


Early Childhood - 1754 Absence Form


Early Childhood - 1755 Absence Form


Early On - 1862 Attendance Form


Early-Middle College Pupil List


Expanded Online Learning (21f)


Experiential Learning Pupil List


Home Based Pupil List


Home Based Teacher Log


Homebound/Hospitalized Pupil List


Homebound/Hospitalized Teacher Log


Local District Planning Form


Nonpublic FTE Summary by Grade Level


Nonpublic Shared Time and Home Schooled at Public School Site - Pupil List


Nonpublic Shared Time at Non-Public Site - Pupil List


Nonpublic versus Public Class Time


Nonresident Pupil List


Part Time Pupil List


Peer to Peer Pupil List


Postsecondary (Dual) Enrollment Pupil List


Reduced Schedule Pupil List


Reduced Schedule Request - Approval Application


Residency - Home of a Relative Verification Affidavit


Seat Time Waiver Mentor Instructional Form


Seat Time Waiver Pupil List


SE Pupils Less Than Full Day Per IEP


Split Schedule Pupil List


Suspended / Expelled Pupil List


Verification Statement


Virtual / Distance / Independent Study Pupil List


Work-Based Education CTE & Non-CTE Programs Pupil List


Work-Based Education CTE & Non-CTE Worksite Visitation Log


Work-Based Learning for Special Education Pupil List


Work-Based Employer - SE Worksite Visitation Log


Work-Based Training Agreement and Training Plan