Calhoun ISD's Electronic Truancy Tracking System


The Calhoun Intermediate School District has developed a new Truancy Tracking Web-Based System to assist local school districts in referring, profiling and updating student information relative to lack of attendance.


With new emphasis being placed on school districts and buildings based on student attendance and interventions, the Calhoun Intermediate School District will utilize this system to benefit the truancy and court referral processes as well as provide assistance to the local school districts in the accountability standards for No Child Left Behind and Educational Yes attendance and graduation rates.


Password Assignment Procedure:


Mercedes Long  will assign a password required to access the web based system. Forgotten passwords may be e-mailed back to the referring contact person.



General Training 


  • Emphasize truancy steps and process; changes as a result of database implementation (i.e., one time referral)


  • How truancy relates to AYP, NCLB, Ed Yes and Graduation/Drop Out Rates


  • Encourage staff and administrators to use the system with an emphasis for schools to follow up, and act on the reminders being sent to them.


  • Schools and CISD must work together to reduce/resolve truancy and issues surrounding the problem. Again, the CISD’s position is that truancy is a symptom of a larger problem.


  • Detailed overview of Truancy database system; operation, reports, feedback, etc.


  • How different level users will access and utilize the system.