REMC 12 East



The State of Michigan is divided into 28 REMC regions. REMC 12 is represented by Barry, Kalamazoo, Van Buren and St. Joseph counties (REMC 12 West) and Branch and Calhoun counties (REMC 12 East).


The REMC Association of Michigan (Regional Educational Media Center) has been developing collaborative programs for schools statewide since its creation in 1970. The REMC Association of Michigan:


  • provides proactive leadership to the Michigan educational community
  • participates with other organizations in building a vision that supports quality teaching and learning
  • provides equity to Michigan's Pre K-12 students


Cooperative Acquisitions Projects - REMC $ave Project

This program is designed to establish statewide bid prices for:


  • Catalog Discounts
  • Computers and Networking
  • Digital Content
  • Equipment
  • Paper
  • Software
  • Supplies
  • Video Streaming 


As a result of this project, schools may purchase items such as: laminating film, CDs, audio/video tapes, transparency film, TVs, computers, tablets, calculators, software, data projectors, notebooks, copy paper, batteries, binding units and much more.  These items will need to be purchased directly from the vendor listed for that item.  The result of this cooperative buying power is that local school districts are able to save thousands of tax dollars. The statewide savings to schools during the 2012 year alone was $55 million, $1.6 million for Calhoun and Branch alone!  


For the full list of items, visit:




Melinda Waffle

Educational Technology Consultant & REMC Director

(269) 789-2421





REMC $ave Bid


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Discovery Streaming


REMC Delivery


Laminating, Posters, Printing, and Bookbinding