Internet Filters and Tools - Free


K9 Web Protection 

The free Internet safety filter which works with Internet Explorer or FireFox. Can be configured to monitor sites visited or bark with a blocked site is visited.


Hector Protector 

If a child is upset about something on the screen, they click the dolphin and an an underwater scene comes up covering the screen with a reassuring message to get adult help. From Net Safe of New Zealand


The Parental ControlBar


We-Blocker Safe Families Software 

Free Internet filtering software from the Christian Safe Families site.


Commercial Filter Comparisons - Comparison of filtering tools and much more


Internet Filter Review

Comparison of the most popular Internet filters and monitors  


Monitors - Free


McGruff SafeGuard - capture and record chat & IM; optional upgrade to Plus version for more features.


Activity Monitors

Monitors MySpace activity



Records MSN Messenger Activities


Keystroke logging program

P.O.K (Protect Our Kids) 

Monitors text phrases


Internet Monitors - Commercial


Spector Pro

A top rated program which monitors online activities including web access, chat, and more. Takes screen shots, e-mails reports. $100.


Many of these applications cited have been tried and tested, however it is recommended that you visit the application website and evaluate each application on your own before installation. The Calhoun ISD cannot be responsible for how these applications may work or not work on your operating system



Alternative Browsers for Young Children



Browser which only allows access to preselected sites.



More features and controls such as customized user accounts. Many options are only available if you purchase the premium version.