Social Networking Safety


Wired Safety MySpace Article

Well written article about MySpace and what parents should be doing about allowing their children to create a MySpace site. Includes advice on how to handle MySpace problems.


Safe Kids

Slide show with audio explaining to parents how to set up their own MySpace account and how to configure the parental controls in Windows Vista


Safe Families MySpace Safety Article 

Good overview of social networking sites and how to respond. Includes a recommendation that children not have a site until they are 16 years old.



Articles on safe blogging


Chat Danger  

A United Kingdom site about how to protect yourself from the potential dangers from chat, Instant Messaging, online games, email and on cell phones.


Social Networking Trends

Compares the growth of different social networking sites


Chat Danger

UK website with information on how to safety user cell phones, chat, email, IM, and online games.


MySpace Guide for School Administrators

A hard to find guide for school administrators with strategies on dealing with MySpace issues at school. MySpace Guide for School Administrators (.pdf)



Books on Social Networking


MySpace Unraveled: A Parents Guide to Social Networking by Larry Magid and Anne Collier 2007 ISBN: 0-321-48018-X


My Space for Moms and Dads: A Guide to Understanding the Risks and the Rewards by Connie Neal 2007 ISBN: 0310277434


Internet-Protect Your Kids: Keep Your Children Safe from the Dark Side of Technology by: Stephen Arterburn, Roger Marsh, and Thomas Nelson 2007 ISBN: 591455715


Cyber-Safe Kids, Cyber-Savvy Teens by Nancy E. Willard.

ISBN 0787994170

Free 6 page summary for parents

Free 6 page summary for teens