What is the Calhoun Human Resources Consortium


The Calhoun Human Resources Consortium is an association of Calhoun County school districts that permits a single-stop employment submission.   Apply once and all participating districts will be able to review your application for possible employment opportunities.


Before creating an application for employment, please make sure you have a valid email account.  If you do not have an email account, you may obtain one free at Hotmail.com.


Click here to visit the Calhoun Human Resources Consortium on-line application system.




Participating Districts


arrow Battle Creek Public Schools 


arrow Harper Creek Community Schools 


Arrow Lakeview School District 


arrow Mar Lee School District


arrow Marshall Public Schools


arrow Olivet Community Schools 


arrow Pennfield School District


arrow Tekonsha Community Schools




Non-Consortium Districts


To apply for postions at non-consortium districts you must contact the local district.  Applications for positions at non-consortium districts cannot be processed by the consortium employment service.  Links to the web pages for non-consortium districts are provided below.



arrow Athens Area Schools 


arrow Bellevue Community Schools                                                                         


arrow Homer Community Schools


arrow Union City Community Schools