Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice


Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice will focus on the major areas of criminal law and procedures, and corrections.


Law Enforcement


Students will explore and prepare for careers in criminal justice, corrections, and related fields.  Major areas of study include:  Police investigation, crime scene investigation (CSI), corrections, legal issues, security, human relations, police operations, and administration.


Criminal Justice


Students will be taken on a journey through the Criminal Justice process.  Students will read and study actual crime reports and learn about a variety of disciplines that make up the criminal law response to crimes.  Students will be exposed to law enforcement investigations, including specialty areas within police work and will learn about what happens in a court of law, including the role of the Judge, Prosecutor, Defense Attorney, Expert Witness, and Victim Advocate.  The role of Corrections in the traditional sense of incarceration in jails/prisons will be studied, as well as the role of Probation and Parole Agents in their efforts to modify behavior and deter crime.  This program is very interactive with a variety of teaching tools.  Upon completion students will have a solid foundation on which to consider pursuing one of the many rewarding and satisfying careers in Criminal Justice.  


Related Careers


  • Administrator
  • Attorney/Lawyer
  • Corrections Officer
  • Crime Scene Scientist
  • Criminal Profiler
  • Social Worker
  • Police Officer
  • Juvenile Probation Officer

Program Staff


Martin Brown

Instructor - Law Enforcement

269-968-2271 ext. 5219


Deirdre Ford

Instructor - Criminal Justice

269-968-2271 ext. 5222