CACC COVID Communications


To:  Local Educational Entities (LEA) Superintendents, Instructional Curriculum Counsel (ICC) Membership:


The Calhoun Area Career Center (CACC) provides Career and Technical Education (CTE) programming for approximately 1,000 students from 15 public educational entities, numerous private, parochial schools, home school organizations and the Michigan Youth Challenge Academy (MYCA). 


Considering the levels of movement to gain access to our building, programs, and transportation, as well as movement within classrooms and lab areas for hands-on performance activities in a CTE setting, we do not feel we can adequately reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread to allow for in-person, face to face schooling for grades 11-12 at this time. 


Therefore, I am recommending to the Calhoun ISD Board of Education that the CACC engage in "remote" and “virtual” learning for the first 9 week quarter of the 2020-2021 school year with the transition to face to face, in-person learning thereafter, contingent upon the trend data of COVID-19 spread at that benchmark and/or further governmental mandates. We will also continue to offer dual enrollment, early college, and other opportunities unique to CACC programming to students as we are able, and our Student Services Team will coordinate with post-secondary partners, business and industry, students, families and local school staff to provide a continuity of service. The MYCA program will continue in collaboration with Marshall Public Schools.


We understand any decision we make during the current pandemic impacts each of our constituent districts in different ways, and this decision is not an easy one, however, we believe this decision is in the best interest of safety for our students, families, constituent districts, and the CACC staff.


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Tim Staffen

Assistant Superintendent of Regional CTE

Calhoun ISD

17111 G Drive N

Marshall, MI 49068

Office: (269) 789-2431

Cell: (269) 205-3143