CACC Communications


Second Communication

March 26, 2020


Dear Parent/Guardian:


With the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” Executive Order, signed by Governor Whitmer, the Calhoun Area Career Center will continue to be closed until at least April 13, 2020. As you are aware, this situation continues to evolve on a daily basis. I would like to thank you for your patience in this matter. We recognize how disruptive this has been to everyone’s daily lives.  


As the mandated school closure continues, please note the following:


  • As the CACC is a service program, provided by the Calhoun ISD, we will follow the schedule of your local district. If they are closed, we are closed.
  • Students enrolled in dual enrollment classes (including the Comm 101, EMT and CNA et al. programs) at the Kellogg Community College are required to follow the direction of KCC and their staff. KCC has migrated all classes to an on-line format. Students should reach out to their KCC professor with any questions.
  • Students enrolled in the Graphics Program or Welding Program’s Early Middle College will attend as directed by KCC. Depending on your student’s status, they may be signed up for a class that has moved to on-line delivery.
  • Clinical rotations and other work-site experiences (such as those in health and CNA programs) have been cancelled. We will continue to work with KCC and other appropriate organizations as we are able to resolve this issue for students. 
  • As our programs are “hands on” you can imagine that shifting to a completely on-line format can be problematic. Some of the staff at the CACC have on-line resources and activities that have been integrated into the program’s classroom delivery through the use of Google Classroom and other Google Applications. These assignments are not required to be complete as “homework” but may be available for those students that want to continue to work. Your student should refer to their program documentation and syllabus for these details.


To avoid “message overload” for our constituents, our primary communication will be through your local district, and we will continue to update you on any significant changes. The best way to do this is through School Messenger, Facebook, and our Website. Should you have any specific questions, please email Steve Yurisich at




Steve Yurisich