Three Year Old Scholarship Program


The Three Year Old Scholarship Program provides full year scholarships to families with children who turn three prior to September 1st who live in Calhoun County.  With very limited funding, scholarships are awarded to families who live within 250% of the federal poverty level. Priority is given to children with multiple risk factors and families who have participated in Early Childhood Connections home visits and playgroups.


Several Licensed Child Care Centers/Preschools in Calhoun County have been approved to serve scholarship recipients and receive monthly coaching and support from Early Childhood Instructional Coaches to promote high quality early learning experiences for the children they serve.


Families who wish to apply for a scholarship can complete the Birth to Five Services Application and check the Three Year Scholarship box on the application.


In 2016-17, 25 scholarships were awarded. For the 2017-18 school year 20 scholarships were awarded.


For more information about the Three Year Old Scholarship Program, please contact us at 269-660-1606 or to complete an application go to