Special Education Compliance



Complaint Investigations

Under the Special Education Rules and Regulations a parent may file a complaint with the Michigan Department of Education if they believe a special education rule or their child's IEP is not being implemented. The Michigan Department of Education, in collaboration with Calhoun ISD, will conduct an impartial investigation and develop a final report of findings.


Monitoring and Compliance

Monitoring is completed both internally on an annual basis across the county as a means of determining the level of compliance with the state special education rules and regulations, as well as monthly within the Continuous Improvement Monitoring System (CIMS) through the Michigan Departement of Education. The information gained through monitoring is used to identify systems issues, professional development needs and corrective actions if required to bring a district into compliance.


Special Education Plan

The School Code at §380.1711(1)(a) and the revised administrative rules for special education (rules) at R 340.1831 charge Michigan's 56 intermediate school districts (ISDs) to coordinate, develop, establish, and continually evaluate a Plan for the Delivery of Special Education Programs and Services (Plan) that is approved by Michigan's Superintendent of Public Instruction (Superintendent). This plan was developed by Calhoun ISD and outlines the delivery of Special Education Programs and Services within all CISD program sites, local district and public school academies within Calhoun County.


CISD Special Education Plan


Parent Handbook-Procedural Safeguards

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the Federal law concerning the education of students with IEPs, requires schools to provide parents of a child with an IEP with a notice containing a full explanation of the procedural safeguards and resources available to them as required by IDEA and the US Department of Education regulations.    This document is that notice for all parents and legal guardians within Calhoun county.    Should you have questions or need clarification regarding any of these rights, please contact your building principal or district special education supervisor.


Parent Handbook-Procedural Safeguards Document 


Specific Learning Disabilities Guidelines

This document is the Calhoun ISD and its constituent districts’ guidelines for identification of Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD).   It is designed to help Problem Solving Teams (PST) and IEP Teams to navigate the SLD evaluation and eligibility process as well as SIDR process.  Each district and ISD Program sites will be using the Patterns of Strengths and Weaknesses model for determining SLD eligibility and the specific information relative to this model is described within this document.


Specific Learning Disabilities Guidelines



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