Transitioning to Summit Pointe


Summit Pointe serves children with severe emotional disturbances, adults with mental illness, children and adults with developmental disabilities, and adults and youth with substance abuse disorders.  Individuals eligible for services through Summit Pointe may benefit from supports coordination, professional therapies/services, community living services and vocational related services.  The supports and services provided by Summit Pointe assist individuals in achieving as much independence as possible within the community.


Summit Pointe Website




Transitioning to Kellogg Community College


Kellogg Community College is dedicated to providing services to students with disabilities.  KCC Disability Services Website




Transitioning to Michigan Rehabilitation Services


Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) is a state agency within Michigan's Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs who partners with individuals and employers to achieve quality employment outcomes and independence for persons with disabilities.  Essentially, MRS helps people to prepare for, find and keep jobs.


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