Calhoun Department of Technology and REMC


The Calhoun Intermediate School District Department of Technology (CDOT) has been providing a number of services to both ISD and LEAs in Calhoun, Branch, and Barry county since 1971. These services include:


  • General Services (Pupil Accounting, Truancy, Homeless)
  • Office Data Consortium
  • REMC 12 East
  • Student Data Consortium
  • Technology Services


CDOT strives to implement solutions collaboratively by providing practical, innovative and sustainable solutions that empowers districts to be successful and focus more of their resources on student learning



Every two weeks CDOT publishes a newsletter highlighting information across all of its functional areas branded TECHNOtes. If you would like to receive this bi-weekly communication, please sign up .





 Help Desk Portal  

 (269) 789-2474


Sam Lutgring

Assistant Superintendent Regional Technology & Data Services

(269) 789-2433


Lorie Upright

Director of Technology Services

(269) 789-2409


Melinda Waffle

Educational Technology Consultant & REMC Director

(269) 789-2421