General Services


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The General Services Staff cooperatively provides support, information, knowledge, research and quality services for CISD and local constituent school district staff as demonstrated by productive and successful employees, programs and services.


The broad service topics include: transportation, truancy services, grants including homeless, home school registry, statistical data, legislative services, and most Michigan Department of Education and other agency reporting. This department provides collaborative programs, training and services in pupil accounting for Calhoun, Barry, and Branch ISDs. This department also serves as a resource relative to the myriad of school law references.


In summary, this department is the general education "resource" with a guaranteed 24-hour response time for technical assistance and support. If you have a question and don’t know where to go, please let us help you find the appropriate resources to solve your problem or answer your question.





Laura Ostrom

Truancy Coordinator

(269) 789-2472


Jill Slaght

Pupil Accounting Auditor

(269) 789-2432


Nicole Snyder

Pupil Accounting Auditor

Homeless Coordinator

(269) 789-2422


Sam Lutgring

Assistant Superintendent for Regional Technology and Data Services

(269) 789-2433 




Michigan Department of Education

Special Education and Early Intervention

Committee on Education and the Workforce

Gongwer News

Michigan Legislature

White House







School Bus Safety Training