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Today's learning environments are changing and our goal at Calhoun ISD is to implement solutions collaboratively with our districts so that each district can select online learning options that best meets its academic and financial needs.


21F - Expanded Online Learning Options

Section 21f of the Michigan State School Aid Act (MCL388.1621f) amended, has recently enacted the opportunity for parents to request that their student(s), in grades 6-12, be enrolled in up to two (2) online courses through the district or statewide catalog as requested by the pupil during an academic term, semester or trimester. If a pupil has demonstrated previous success with online courses and the school leadership and the pupil's parent or legal guardian determine that it is in the best interest of the pupil, a pupil may be enrolled in more than 2 online courses in a specific academic term, semester, or trimester.


      Click on the image below to access the Michigan Online Course Catalog


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What is the Process for Enrolling in an Online Learning Course?

Online Learning presents challenges that are different from the normal classroom experience.  A successful online learner must be self-disciplined, highly motivated and have the ability to work independently with very demanding expectations.


There are several resources and tools available to assist in making the decision as to whether online learning is right for your student.  These resources, such as the Parent's Guide to Online Leanring and the Online Learning Course Readiness Rubric are provided below and should be thoroughly reviewed.  We encourage parents to contact their local school district  for information on the specific learning options available to determine whether an online course is the best decision for their student.


Parent's Guide to Online Learning  


Online Course Denial - A student's local school district reserves the right to deny students enrollment in an online learning course(s) for any of the following reasons.  If your student is denied enrollment in an online learning course (under Section 21f), the school will provide written documentation explaining the rationale for the denial.


An appeal of denial in an online learning course (under Section 21f) may be submitted in writing to the Superintendent of the Calhoun Intermediate School District.



 21F Resources


CISD 21f   (Process Documents for LEAs) 

21f Toolkit (developed by MVU)

21f FAQ  (developed by MDE and MVU)

5-O-D  Pupil Accounting Manual 



STW (Seat Time Waiver) 


Calhoun ISD participates as a GenNET Seat Time Waiver (STW) partner, we help facilitate STW options for Barry, Branch and Calhoun County Schools through the GenNET portal.


MDE Seat Time Waiver Site  (for LEAs)