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REMC 12 East

Districts in Branch and Calhoun counties choose to participate in REMC 12E with a yearly membership fee based on student numbers.  Membership provides the districts with many no-cost and low-cost solutions to help support both student learning and everyday activities. 


REMC 12E provides the following to member districts:

  • a inter-district delivery service for movement of educational materials between districts
  • support with blended learning in the form of training and support of an LMS
  • a checkout system for trying out new and upcoming technologies to explore
  • no- or low- cost professional development
  • consortium billing for a several services
  • access to poster and laminating services
  • coordination of bookbinding services


Michigan's REMCs

The State of Michigan is divided into 28 REMC regions. REMC 12 is represented by Branch and Calhoun counties (REMC 12 East) and Barry, Kalamazoo, Van Buren and St. Joseph counties (REMC 12 West).


The REMC Association of Michigan (Regional Educational Media Center) has been developing collaborative programs for schools statewide since its creation in 1970. The REMC Association of Michigan:


  • provides proactive leadership to the Michigan educational community
  • participates with other organizations in building a vision that supports quality teaching and learning
  • provides equity to Michigan's Pre K-12 students


Melinda Waffle

Educational Technology Consultant & REMC Director

(269) 789-2421


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