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The appropriate video clip can bring any daily lesson to life, making it more relevant and meaningful to students. REMC12E provides consortium billing to participating districts to ensure the lowest subscription rates and save you on billing and invoicing.  This popular program has been widely used by schools in Calhoun and Branch Counties and throughout Michigan. If you would like more information about participating in this consortium group, please contact Melinda Waffle at 269-789-2421.


Discovery Education 


Public Performance Licensing Consortium Pricing

Our consortium (REMC 12W out of KRESA, and REMC 12E  out of Calhoun ISD) secures pricing for public performance licenses at a significant savings.  Any school building that shows a movie should have this license to be in compliance with copyright law.  We coordinate this licensing through Movie Licensing USA.  It is an opportunity that all school buildings in REMC 12 may participate in - schools participating in the group purchase will receive about 60% off the cost of a regular license.

Below are some general questions and answers.  If you would like additional information about participating, please contact Melinda Waffle.

Q: What is this licensing?
A: It is licensing that assures your copyright compliance movies are shown in your school. 

Q: What does this licensing provide?
A: It covers all movies shown inside the school building 24/7 (before, during and after school). This includes movie showings by anyone - PTO groups, student groups, etc - in the school building
Q: Which movie studios are included?
A: It covers movies from many but not all Hollywood Studios (it does include Disney, Pixar, MGM, Touchstone).
Q: How may we obtain the movies we wish to show under the license?
A: Movies may be obtained from any legal source (rental store, home, online rental) - please note that the license does not cover rental fees for the movies.

Q: How long is the license for?
A: This is for a 2 year license.  The current licenses are good from Nov 2015-Oct 2017

Q: How are licenses applied?
A: Licenses are purchased per building and are based on the building's student enrollment.