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Through the collaborative efforts of Governor Jennifer M. Granholm, the State Board of Education, and the State Legislature, landmark state graduation requirements are being implemented to give Michigan students the knowledge and skills to drive Michigan’s economic success in the global economy.  One of the requirements that began with the graduating class of 2011 was students experiencing online learning.


Research has shown that students are most successful in a blended environment - one that incorporates elements of both online and traditional teacher-led activities.  Below are several resources that REMC 12E provides to our participating districts to help move in the direction of individualized learning in a blended environment.

Blended Learning in the Classroom



REMC Association LogoBlended Learning in the Classroom is a state-wide REMC project.  The purpose is to provide teachers both with the pedagogical knowledge surrounding blended learning, and skills in moving more of their activities into the online learning arena to achieve a truly blended teaching approach.  Melinda Waffle is both one of the co-creators of the training, and able to take teachers through this training.  If you would like more information about offering this course to your district teachers, please contact her via email.


Mentor Course


Working in conjunction with DCIA, we are in the process of preparing a course for district online learning mentors.  Incorporating job-embedded activities, the course will better prepare mentors for the tasks required of them for state reporting purposes, and provide some training for managing multiple students in multiple online courses. 


For more information about this course, please email Melinda Waffle.

Student Online Learning Readiness Course


We've been asked several times if there is a course that students can take that will tell if a student would be a successful online learner. We have a step in the right direction! How about a course that introduces students to what is online learning!


The course will take a student approximately 2-3 hours to complete. It's available in Moodle and will give the student and counselor a good indication of where the student stands in the world of online readiness. It guides students through three modules (5 lessons) that give them an introduction to online learning, some background knowledge of the technology needed, and what it takes to be a successful online learner. The course culminates with a quiz that is a self-assessment for the students and shares results that can be compared to this rubric


If you are interested in previewing the course, please create an account on our Demo Moodle site. Once created, choose the ‘Online Readiness Course'. Use the password Ready (please note the capital R) to enter the course.


We welcome all feedback so that we can make this an efficient and meaningful way to help students understand the level of organization and time management needed to be successful. Please send any feedback to Melinda Waffle.


Thank you to Kellogg Community College for sharing their similar solution with us. 

Moodle Learning Management System


Moodle is provided to REMC 12E member schools as a Learning Management System. Educators use Moodle to support blended and online instruction, professional learning communities, and support groups. REMC provides Moodle servers, support, and training as no-cost benefit of REMC membership. Melinda Waffle, Educational Technology Consultant, provides Moodle administrative support and educator training. 


Please visit:  to find links our Moodle servers, including those hosted on-site by member schools.