Student Data Consortium


Calhoun ISD has been providing software and related support for school districts in Calhoun and Branch counties since January 19, 1971 through action of the district superintendents and in partnership with Kellogg Community College.


Today, the services offered through Calhoun ISD's Technology Department are extensive. One area is called the School Data Consortium.


The School Data Consortium includes the Student Information System (Skyward) and related support. It also includes support for our data warehouse system - Illuminate and support around how to use data to inform teaching, learning and planning.


Districts included in the School Data Consortium include:

Calhoun ISD, Albion, Athens, Battle Creek, Bellevue, Branch ISD, Bronson, Calhoun Community High School, Coldwater, Lakeview, Mar Lee, Marshall Academy, Olivet, Quincy, Tekonsha

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