Technology Services


Calhoun ISD Department of Technology has been providing a variety of technology services since the 1970s.


Fiber Network

A consortium was created on June 28, 1995 to establish a fiber network connecting school districts and higher education in Calhoun and Branch counties. Through a generous grant from the Kellogg Foundation and funding from the consortium members, the Calhoun ISD Fiber Network was established.


Calhoun ISD provides fee based access to the Internet to the school districts, and fiber connection services to higher education as well as other partners.


Current members of the Fiber Network Consortium include:


  • Albion College
  • Athens Area Schools
  • Battle Creek Public Schools
  • Bellevue Community Schools
  • Branch Intermediate School District
  • Bronson Community Schools
  • Calhoun Intermediate School District
  • Coldwater Community Schools
  • Harper Creek Community Schools
  • Homer Community Schools
  • Kellogg Community College
  • Lakeview School District
  • Mar Lee School
  • Marshall Public Schools
  • Olivet Community Schools
  • Pennfield Schools
  • Quincy Community Schools
  • Tekonsha Community Schools
  • Union City Community Schools 


Technology Services

Because all school districts are connected to Calhoun ISD via fiber network, Calhoun ISD provides hosting services in its Data Center in Marshall (with redundancy as needed at the Calhoun Area Career Center in Battle Creek). The data center was created thanks to grant funding received in 2013.


Calhoun ISD also partners with school districts not only on a variety of technology projects, but also provides staffing and related support and leadership/planning services for entire school districts.


Calhoun ISD is the technology department for:


  • Athens Area Schools
  • Calhoun Community High School
  • Calhoun Intermediate School District
  • Coldwater Community Schools
  • Lakeview School District (partnership)
  • Mar Lee School
  • Marshall Academy
  • Tekonsha Community Schools









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Sam Lutgring

Asssistant Superintendent Regional Technology and Data Services

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Lorie Upright

Director of Technology Services

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