Doris Klaussen Developmental Center

Doris Klaussen Developmental Center (DKDC) is operated by the CISD and provides educational services for students with moderate to severe impairments. Programs are administered on- and off-campus and include Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Cognitive Impaired (mild, moderate and severe levels), Multiply Impaired (severe level), Emotionally Impaired (Day Treatment Program for severely emotionally impaired), and Adult Training Program.


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ASD - Autistic Spectrum Disorder

ATP - Adult Training Program

Day Treatment Program

MoCI - Moderately Cognitive Impaired

SCI - Severely Cognitively Impaired

SXI - Severely Multiply Impaired



APE - Adapted Physical Education


AT - Assistive Technology


Nursing Services


O&M - Orientation & Mobility


OT - Occupational Therapy


PI - Physical Impairment


Psy - Psychological Services


PT - Physical Therapy


SP & L - Speech and Language


SSW - School Social Work


TCVI - Teacher Consult for Visually Impaired


TCHI - Teacher Consult for Hearing Impaired


TCASD - Teacher Consult for Autistic Spectrum Disorder



Curricular areas in which instruction is provided include: Personal care, independent living, communication, leisure/recreation, cognitive, prevocational/vocational, social/emotional, and motor skills. The IEP will identify appropriate curricular areas and goals to meet the unique needs of each individual student.


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Mission Statement

The staff of the Doris Klaussen Development Center are committed to developing the greatest level of independence in every student.  Within a caring and supportive school setting, our highly-trained staff utilizes instructional best practices and research based interventions to create and implement individualized programming for each student.


Jessica Clothier

DKDC  Principal

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Ashley Everett

Administrative Assistant

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Sharlene Heinrich

Administrative Assistant

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