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Many scholarship opportunities are available for graduating seniors. Some are exclusive to seniors graduating from programs at the Calhoun Area Career Center (CACC).

Each month a posting is put out to all the programs at the CACC to let students and instructors know about the most current scholarship information as well as how students can do their own scholarship search. The scholarship listing continues to grow as the CACC becomes aware of additional opportunities. It is important for students to be aware of the many monetary awards available and to follow up on the scholarship procedures.

Who is Eligible?
Graduating CACC seniors who meet the criteria set up for each scholarship and have proof of acceptance to an accredited post-secondary institution. A selection committee will review the application and accompanying materials to determine recipients.

How to Apply:
Scholarship applications are available in the hallway on the bulletin board outside the main office.


Please note the following:

  • Be aware of the due dates!
  • Make sure all applications are filled out neatly and completely.
  • Include all required supplemental materials requested. That may include transcript, letter(s) of recommendation, proof of acceptance, etc.
  • Give teachers, employers, counselors at least a week to write recommendations.
  • Submit them ON TIME. Turning them in early is fine!

If selected. . .
Scholarship recipients will be notified and honored at an awards assembly in the spring at the CACC. Some scholarship recipients will also be attending an awards ceremony at the Battle Creek Community Foundation (BCCF) if they are receiving scholarships administered by the BCCF.

The actual check for the scholarship money will be made out to the student and the school where he/she is planning to attend. Both must endorse the check before it can be applied.

Further Information. . .
Some of the individual programs at the CACC offer scholarships in addition to those listed. Students should check with the instructor to find out whether scholarships are available through their program.

Some scholarships offered exclusively through the CACC are:

  1. Student Services Scholarship
    This is available to students with special needs as determined by an IEP. The scholarship is intended to assist students to better prepare themselves for the next step after high school. It can be used for additional schooling, training, tools, or anything necessary to acquire or keep a job. Selection is based on work habits, effort level and attendance.
  2. Non-Traditional Careers Scholarship
    Awarded to a graduating student (senior or adult) showing superior academic promise and leadership potential in a nontraditional area, who is going on to pursue training in a nontraditional field. The amounts of the scholarship vary.
  3.  American Foundry Society Scholarship
    This is available to students at the CACC who attend the CAD/CAM or Welding Programs. To be eligible the student must demonstrate success in their program, show good citizenship and exhibit a good work ethic.
  4. Bettie and Jim Cox Manufacturing Scholarship
    Established for the increasing number of individuals entering the field of manufacturing technology. Eligibility is limited to graduates of the CACC CAD/CAM Program, who are pursuing a career in manufacturing technology.
  5. Clara Miner-Fuller Scholarship
    Her interest in the welfare of Battle Creek enhanced her desire to establish a fund that would serve educational purposes benefiting the Battle Creek community. This fund has been established within the Battle Creek Community Foundation and will provide scholarships for CACC students to further their careers by taking post-secondary classes.
  6. Robert & Nadine Gifford Scholarship
    Established by the Giffords to assist students of the CACC who are pursuing technical studies, with the intent for a career in the technical field. Recipients of this scholarship must exhibit excellent study habits in both their home school and at the CACC.
  7. Superintendent Scholarship
    The CACC awards six $1,000 Superintendent Scholarships to senior students who are going on for advanced training at a trade or technical school or college. The scholarships are in honor of six former Superintendents: Harry D. Davidson, Jack K. Mawdsley and Bruce Sellers of Battle Creek Public Schools and Stephen M. Glaza, Warren J. Fudge, and Roger LaBonte of the Calhoun Intermediate School district.
  8. Automotive Service Technology Scholarship
    This scholarship has been funded for the individuals entering the field of Automotive Service Technology following training at the CACC.



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