The Helping Foundation

The Helping Foundation is a collaborative effort by Calhoun Intermediate School District employees to assist students in Calhoun County with various needs.

Educators are often the first to know of challenges that student experience which impede their academic and emotional growth. The Helping Foundation provides an opportunity for CISD employees and others to sponsor a student who has a specific need.

Voluntary contributions are collected from CISD staff throughout the year to develop the pool of available funds. The donations are deposited and managed by the CISD Finance Department, which also disburses funds for approved requests.

The Helping Foundation Committee reviews the requests for assistance and determines eligibility for approval.  Committee members include: Shelly Tebo, Julie Halder, Wendy Davis, Isaac Royer, Sarah Sharai and Jessica Brown.  The Helping Foundation Committee compiles and processes all requests received during the year and completes a year-end report.

Examples of eligible expenses for assistance may include food, clothing, hygiene supplies, medical, dental or vision expenses, school supplies, or other items that support the learning process.  Expenses related to field trips, sporting events, recreation fees, and camp scholarships are not eligible for assistance.

A student may receive assistance only one time per year, with a recommended limit of $125.00. The recommended limits for families with multiple children are as follows:

  • First Child - $125
  • Second Child - $100
  • Third Child - $75
  • Fourth Child - $50
  • Each Additional Child - $50

PDF DocumentThe Helping Foundation Request Form

A simple request form may be completed by a sponsor and submitted to the CISD Helping Foundation Committee for consideration.  Please note that Parent/Guardian authorization is required on the request form.

PDF DocumentThe Helping Foundation Donation Form

If you are a CISD staff member and want to make contributions to The Helping Foundation through payroll deduction, or direct contribution, complete the donation form and submit it to the CISD Finance Department.