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By 3 Months, does your baby...

  • roll from side to side?
  • play with her hands?
  • laugh out loud?
  • smile when you talk to her?
  • show interest in faces?

By 6 Months, does your baby...

  • sit up with little support?
  • roll over?
  • pass things from one hand to the other?
  • like to be touched and held?
  • listen and respond when spoken to?

By 12 Months, does your baby...

  • stand alone for at least two seconds?
  • drink from a cup with help?
  • wave good bye?
  • use a few short words like "mama"?
  • sleep through the night?
  • play games with you like "peek-a-boo"?

By 24 Months, does your baby...

  • walk and run well?
  • ask for things by name?
  • use two or three words together?
  • handle a spoon well?
  • get along with other children?