Technology Services

Calhoun ISD Department of Technology has been providing a variety of technology services since the 1970s.

​​​​​Fiber Network

A consortium was created on June 28, 1995 to establish a fiber network connecting school districts and higher education in Calhoun and Branch counties. Through a generous grant from the Kellogg Foundation and funding from the consortium members, the Calhoun ISD Fiber Network was established.  This fiber delivers reliable high speed connectivity for Internet Access and hosted services (such as centralized firewall).

Technology Services

Calhoun Department of Technology provides practical, innovative and sustainable solutions that empower districts to be successful and focus more of their resources on student learning 

  • General consultation for Technology Services
    • No cost for consultation, fee based support as needed for network services 
  • Hosting District resources
    • Costs vary from free to per service depending on resource allocation in the data center
    • Reduces maintenance and support costs to locals to host services at the ISD for local district use
    • Firewall (provides protection to entry point of district networks); No cost
  • Serve as the technology department for local school districts:
    • Provide support from desktop to network services
    • Consolidates services by promoting efficiencies, collaboration, and cost effectiveness
    • Gives these districts access to a staff person on site and access to the entire technology department as needed for support 
    • Costs vary per district depending on number of days on site and number of services provided

Lorie Upright

Assistant Superintendent

Steve Horn

Director of Technology Services