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About Classroom Makers

Create.  Invent.  Make.  Learn.

The REMC Classroom Makers (#cmakers) project is a multi-year effort to provide local REMCs with maker training, curriculum and materials to be used with their districts to support and expand curricula and learning.  Makering is the convergence of hands-on DIY and technology.  It involves problem solving through failure, creativity, exploration and often collaboration. 


People Learning and Asking "Y" ; Digital Age Teacher Exploration

Learning through exploring is a powerful experience for students and teachers alike.   STEAM/Maker PLAYDATES are an opportunity for educators to come together and explore together while they learn about the technology & tools that can enhance the curriculum they already teach! Join a playdate hosted at Calhoun ISD, or schedule one for your school's teachers by contacting your REMC 12E Director.



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Anna McCrumb

REMC 12E Director
Educational Technology Consultant