Intro to Robotics and Engineering

Program Description

This program combines robotics and engineering.  Students will learn electrical, mechanical and fluid power principles.  They will then apply those principles to hands-on projects in the lab. Students will receive safety training in the following areas: general safety, basic electrical safety, basic robot safety and basic lockout-tagout safety.  Students will learn to sketch ideas, prepare a project proposal, and do project presentations. During this program, students will create their own portfolio, which will include; a resume, letter of introduction, certificates of completion, awards received, and various student accomplishments. Students will learn how to write robot programs, enter and simulate the program in the software and download and run the program on a robot.  Students will also learn to use various types of sensors and end of arm tooling.  CACC robots are the same robots used in industries such as food processing, welding, manufacturing, logistics and medical research. Students have the opportunity to earn the following industry-recognized certificates:  OSHA-10 general safety, FANUC CERT (Certified Education Robot Training).


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