Enrollment Process

The Calhoun Area Career Center (CACC) is a Shared Educational Entity (SEE) that provides center-based Career and Technical Education (CTE) programming to local educational entities (LEA) in the Calhoun ISD (CISD) service area. As such, the CISD is required to have cooperative agreements with LEA’s to provide services and the CACC does not directly enroll students in programming. Enrollment in CACC programs is done through LEA’s which are those public school and public school academies that are attached to both CTE Region 21 and the CISD Fiscal Agency, which include: 

Table 1. Calhoun IDS Constituent District Schools - Region 21
District Code Legal Name of School Designation
13000 Calhoun Intermediate School District Public School
13050 Athens Area Schools Public School
13020 Battle Creek Public Schools Public School
23010 Bellevue Community Schools Public School
13070 Harper Creek Community Schools Public School
13080 Homer Community School District Public School
13090 Lakeview School District Public School
13095 Mar Lee School District Public School
13110 Marshall Public Schools Public School
23080 Olivet Community Schools Public School
13120 Pennfield Schools Public School
13130 Tekonsha Community Schools Public School
13135 Union City Community Schools

Public School


Battle Creek Area Learning Center
(Calhoun Community High School)

Public School

13903 Marshall Academy Public School


In order to ensure fair and equitable student access to the Calhoun Area Career Center (CACC) programming and comply with applicable pupil accounting rules, regulations, and legislation, the CACC has developed the following guidelines:

Students must be enrolled at any one of the CISD constituent district schools in Table 1 (above).

Homeschool and virtual academy students must be a resident of one of the public school districts above AND must enroll (for at least ½ time) in any of the districts listed in Table 1 above to attend the CACC.

Students whose residence is other than the districts listed in Table 1, such as those that reside in out of county districts, should contact the CISD Assistant Superintendent of Regional CTE. 

1. In January of each year the CACC will make known programming and approximate numbers available for the following school year to Calhoun Intermediate School District (CISD) constituent district high schools. The openings will factor approximately the number of returning students who will have priority in enrollment barring extenuating circumstances.

2. Constituent districts will have until May 1 to provide the CACC with names of prospective enrollees. Students should be 15.5 years of age and have junior or senior status by the beginning of their CACC class. Enrollment of students not meeting these criteria will be considered by CACC on a case-by-case basis. Private, virtual, and home schooled students need to enroll in CACC through their school district of residence.

3. Enrollment will be accepted as received through May 15. CACC will work with local schools to correct any imbalances or overbooking of enrollments by schools. This will be done to reflect proportional school district 9-12 enrollments.

4. Enrollment will continue to be available to constituent public, private and home schooled students. Enrollment will be accepted until the enrollment cap is reached or the completion of the second week of CACC classes whichever is reached first. Late-enrolling students may be considered after this date on a case-by-case basis.

Constituent District Enrollment in Career-Technical Education (CTE) programs offered by other ISD’s:

Enrollment of CISD constituent district students in CTE programming offered by other ISD’s may be permitted if the student requires a class not offered by the CACC. The student’s high school counselor should request this option as soon as possible by contacting the CACC administration. Such requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.